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Icons Integration

Lets expand the builder icon library with a third-party icon collection and display one of it icons.


Make sure Essentials for YOOtheme Pro is installed and Icons Addon enabled.

How to enable Icons Addon

Open the Customizer -> Essentials -> Advanced panel and spot the Icons Addon checkbox. If is off, enable it, save the changes and refresh the page.

Notice that Icons is a premium addon not available in Essentials free release.

Enable {{ $frontmatter.addon }} Addon

1. Add an Icon Collection

Before being able to choose an icon we must first install a collection within the Icon Collections manager.

Icon Collections Manager

  1. Open the manager within Customizer -> Essentials panel.
  2. Click on the Add Collection button and choose some collection.
  3. Wait until the collection is listed in the manager.

2. Display an Icon

Now that a collection is installed we are ready to use them in our layouts.

Display Icon

  1. Open some layout within the builder.
  2. Add an Icon Element and click on the Icon Picker.
  3. In the picker Modal select the Collections Tab and choose some icon.

The chosen icon should be displayed!