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Access Conditions Integration

Compose a rule that will determine the evaluation criteria for rendering an element.


Make sure Essentials for YOOtheme Pro is installed and Access Addon enabled.

How to enable Access Addon

Open the Customizer -> Essentials -> Advanced panel and spot the Access Addon checkbox. If is off, enable it, save the changes and refresh the page.

Notice that Access is a premium addon not available in Essentials free release.

Enable {{ $frontmatter.addon }} Addon

1. Open the Condition Panel

Navigate to the Builder and select the element you want to condition. From there, open the Access Condition Rules panel located under the Advanced Settings.

Open Access Condition Panel

2. Compose the Condition

Check the rules reference to gain insights and form the condition according to your needs. In this particular case, we will be using a Day rule.

Compose Access Condition

3. Set an Evaluation Mode

If a condition is composed of multiple rules, the default evaluation mode is AND, meaning the condition will only be validated if all rules evaluate as true. However, you can also set the mode to OR or even Custom. In this case we are going to keep the default mode.

Set Access Condition Evaluation Mode

4. Final Review

Review the logs to confirm that the evaluation is using the correct data and that the outcome match your expectation.

Review Access Condition Evaluation Logs