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Dynamic Content Overview

Essentials extends YOOtheme Pro Dynamic Content with advanced features that integrates natively into the builder. Lets find out what are those advanced features all about.

Field Sources

In YOOtheme Pro a dynamic content source is set on a node level, e.g. a Text element, in which case the elements fields will be enhanced with an option to map a dynamic content from the node source. Essentials expands on that notion adding the option to choose a source on an element field level regardless of the element source configuration.

With that in mind is expected that a Dynamic option will always be present above the element fields allowing to map to those any source directly.

Field Dynamic Options

If the mapped source content results in multiple values, those will be joined with a custom separator, or optionally left as is for the underlying element to deal with the content instead.

Field Implode Filter

Inherit Node

What if a source has already been set in the element! In such case, an Inherit Node option will appear and you can opt to inherit the souce from the node for that field specifically.

Field Inherit Node

Inherit Parent

Similarly, if an upper level parent with a source is found, an Inherit Parent will appear as a dynamic option.

Field Inherit Parent

Page Sources

If there are source queries related to the current view, e.g. Article or Post, those will be available as dynamic options under the Page group.

Field Page Query

Global Sources

Global sources will always be available under the group Global, such is the Site Source, as well as the custom set global queries.

Field Global Query

Custom Queries

If none of the dynamic options fit the use case, there is a Custom Query option that allows fetching a source with a custom query.

Field Custom Query

Field Custom Query Config


Custom queries might affect page loading performance as the query would be executed for each field instead of each node. When possible, set those on a node level instead.

Composed Sources

Finally, the Composed Source option allows composing any dynamic options in a free-form text where sources are simple to set placeholders. As this is rather a feature reach option there is a dedicated documentation about it.

Field Composed Source

Global Queries

A global query is a custom source query made available as a global dynamic source option. It can help speed up the creation of layouts that use complex queries over and over. Those can be managed within the Global Queries Manager.

Global Queries

Query Arguments

YOOtheme Pro Dynamic source queries arguments are limited to static configuration. Essentials breakes through that limitation and allows setting dynamic arguments opening the door for even more advanced dynamic workflows.

Dynamic Query Arguments

Obvious Limitation

The arguments dynamic options are limited to Page, Global and Custom sources. That's expected as it would not be possible to inherit dynamic content from a node which source hasn't been set yet!

If you want your custom sources to support this feature, add 'source' => 'true' property to your source query aguments configuration.

// query fields configuration
'fields' => [
    'events' => [
        'type' => [
            'listOf' => 'Event',
        'args' => [
            'timeMin' => [
                'type' => 'String',
        'metadata' => [
            'fields' => [
                'timeMin' => [
                    'label' => 'Time Min',
                    'source' => 'true',