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Icons Overview

Essentials Icons is a collection of +12k icons for YOOtheme Pro icon library with support for 3rd party as custom collections.

Icon Collection

An icon collection represents a set of icons that can be added or removed collectively from the builder's icon library. You can install one of the collections provided by Essentials or create a custom collection.

After installation, the collection icons will integrate natively and be available in the builder Icon Picker under the Collections Tab.

Icon Collections

My Icons

My Icons is a collection of custom curated icons set under the scope of a Child Theme. By placing the icons in the {childtheme}/myicons folder the icons of the currently active Child Theme seamlessly integrate into the icon library under the My Icons tab.

You can as well group them into subfolders, e.g. {childtheme}/myicons/group-a, {childtheme}/myicons/group-b.

My Icons