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Composed Sources

Composed Sources is an Essential only feature which doesn't limit you on the builder nodes tree to compose a source but rather let you write content and include between words dynamic content from any source as placeholders.

Compose Editor

Compose Content

Composed Source will appear as a dynamic option for all fields. Once selected, it will open a new panel with a dedicated editor to compose a source by combining static text with values from dynamic content sources.

Field Composed Source

If a field has a dynamic content already assigned, a new compose icon will appear. If clicked the current source will be migrated to a composed source and open the editor where you will see the migrated source already inserted into the content. Now you can just start typing any additional content you may want to add, or even add new dynamic content to it.

Compose Editor

To do so, just press the Add Dynamic button on the top right of the editor, and choose any dynamic option as a new dynamic content. To learn more about Essentials Dynamic Content, see the corresponding documentation.

Field Dynamic Options

Filters and Arguments

Once a dynamic content placeholder has been added to the content, you can click on it to show the editing interface that you're already used to from the dynamic workflow. As usual you can set filters, arguments if available, and the changes will be reflected immediately.

Compose Filters

Set an Alias

Sometimes the placeholder name can get too long or not really meaningful. For these cases, you can set an alias by clicking on the placeholder, and then click on the Set alias link near the name of the source. Fill in any name there, and it will be used in the placeholder tag instead of the default one. Don't worry, this has no impact at all on the rendering of the page, it's just an editing utility!

Compose Alias