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Download the Essentials for ZOO package and install it by following the official Joomla extension installation instructions. After a successful installation the following plugins should be listed and enabled.

  • plugins/system/zlframework
  • plugins/system/zoo_zlelements
  • plugins/system/zooseo
  • plugins/system/zooport
  • plugins/system/zooaccess
  • plugins/system/zoofilter
  • plugins/system/zoolingual
  • plugins/system/zootrack
  • plugins/system/widgetkit_zl
  • plugins/system/zooessentials_source


If your site is multilignual, you may want to install the INI translation files for the needed languages. Similarly download the required translation packages and install them using the Joomla! Extension Manager or upload the files manually into the administrator/language/{LANGUAGE} folder.


If a language is missing or incomplete, you can contribute to the translation at Transifex.


Essentials can be updated using the platform update system. Whenever a new version of is available, you will receive a notification in the platform dashboard. Before you can update, you have to first add your Essentials Download ID.

Download ID

An Essentials Download ID is an alphanumeric code and is created individually for each website. Without it, you won't be able to update Essentials. You can find and manage your IDs in the Download IDs section of your account.

Download ID

Once obtained, set it in your site locate the ZOOlanders Installer Plugin and input the Download ID into it settings.

Download ID Joomla

Minimum Stability

Choose the minimum stability for Essential updates on your site, either Stable or Beta.

StableThis release is a version which has been thoroughly tested by both our team and the community. Use it for production sites.
BetaThis release is a version which has been thoroughly tested by our team. Use it to help us test and prevent issues in the Stable release.

Go to the Installer Options in the Global Configuration.

Minimum Stability Joomla

Notice that this option applies to all theme and extension updates.

Upgrading to ZOO 4

Upgrading to ZOO 4 requires some considerations as well as specific steps in order to ensure a smooth transition. First of all be aware of the following deprecations:

  • ZOOcart
  • ZOOstats
  • ZOOorder
  • ZOOevents
  • ZOOmailing
  • ZOOcompare
  • ZOOlanders Component

If the site relies on any of these extensions and there is no a suitable replacement, you should stay on ZOO 3. On the contrary make sure do uninstall them before proceeding with the upgrade.

Once those plugins are uninstalled proceed to install ZOO 4 as usual and then install Essentials for ZOO 2.


If the upgrade has already been done without removing the deprecated plugins and that caused an unaccessible backend, proceed to manually remove the folder of the extensions by ftp. Once the access has been recovered try to uninstall the remaining within the backend.


If there is any customisations done to any of ZOOlanders Plugins make sure to update it accordingly or remove it before proceeding.