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DatePro Element

The DatePro Element extends with new features the ZOO Date element. Once the element is set in the Type there are several configuration params that differ from the ZOO ones.

ModeThe date type, can be set as single Date or Event (date range).
TimeIf enabled the date would allow inputing the time as well.

Default Layout

Renders the date or start date (if Event mode) value with the specified format.

Date FormatThe date display format. Allows choosing from several standard date formats or set your own.
Custom formatOnly shown when Date Format is set to Custom format it allows to specify the custom date format following the PHP standard date string syntax.

Default Event Layout

Renders the start and end date values with the specified format as an from/until Event.

Date Format / Custom formatThose settings are the same as the ones from the Default Sublayout.
Override End Date FormatIf set to allways the end date display format will be overridden with the specified format. If set to If one day event the format will be overridden only if the start and end date have the same day value.

Resume Layout

Renders a resume of the dates when there are several dates and/or hours stated.