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GoogleMapsPro Element

The GoogleMapsPro Element extends with new features the ZOO GoogleMaps element. Once the element is set in the Type there are several configuration params that differ from the ZOO ones.

API KeyThe Google API key, necessary for high traffic sites.
TypeThe initial Map Type.
Zoom levelThe initial Map Zoom level.
WidthThe initial Map width.
HeightThe initial Map height.
Default centerThe initial Map center location.

These settings affects the backend map displayed for selecting the location.

Default Layout

Renders a Google Maps map with the single Item location centered in the map as a marker. It supports the following configurations:

-- IconThe marker icon.
-- LayoutThe Item layout that will be used to render the Marker content.
-- Popup on loadIf enabled the Marker will popup on load.
-- TypeThe default map type.
-- Type ControlsIf enabled the map would display an control to change the map type.
-- Map ControlsAllows choosing if the map controls should be displayed and if so its size.
-- Zoom LevelThe map zoom level, from 1 to 20.
-- Scroll Wheel ZoomToggles the map scroll wheel zooming.
-- DirectionsToggle the directions map option.
-- LanguageThe directions language. Leave empty to use users preferred site language.
-- InformationAllows displaying the entered content above the map.
-- Width UnitThe map width unit, pixel or percentage.
-- Map WidthThe map width value.
-- Map HeightSet the map height value in pixels.

Address Layout

Renders the Address information set in the Item.

Widgetkit Layout

Widgetkit layout is a integration layer between the element and Widgetkit allowing to render a Widget using the element data as content. For details about configuration options visit the Widgetkit documentation.


GoogleMapsPro Widgetkit integration was tested with Map Widget, even though any Widget can be used the location data would not make much sense anywhere else.