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TextareaPro Element

The TextareaPro Element extends with new features the ZOO Textarea element. Once the element is set in the Type there are several configuration params that differ from the ZOO ones.

PluginsIf enabled the Plugins tags would be evaluated during rendering.
Additional OptionsToggles the additional edit layout fields.
EditorAllows to choose the text editor by Tiny Editor, based on TinyMCE it loads on demand improving the Item page load time, Joomla Editor, loads the Joomla Default editor and behave the same way ZOO Textarea does and No Editor, no editor will be loaded displaying a raw textarea.
Enabled on LoadAllows choosing if the Tiny Editor will be loaded initially or by demand. Recommended leave disabled for lower page load time.
Input sizeThe default textarea Height size. Not compatible with Joomla! Editors.
Maximum CharactersThe maximum amount of characters allowed inputting. Only compatible with No Editor.
Default ValueDefault field value when new Item is created.

Default Layout

Renders the textarea content.

PrefixThe text to be prefixed to the text.
SuffixThe text to be suffixed to the text.
Maximum CharactersThe maximum amount of characters allowed to be rendered.
Strip TagsIf enabled all HTML tags will be removed from the text preserving it integrity.

Widgetkit Layout

Widgetkit layout is a integration layer between the element and Widgetkit allowing to render a Widget using the element data as content. For details about configuration options visit the Widgetkit documentation.