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Filter Customizations


Overrides are powerful for adjusting the look and feel of your site without altering the system source files. And it's straight forward by just placing the customized layout file in the appropriate override folder. Being the source layouts stored in plugins/system/zoofilter/zoofilter/layouts folder its possible overriding them in the /media/zoo/applications/{application}/templates/{template}/{layout} path.

Layout overrides are literally overriding another file and thats why is crucial, in order them to work, to respect the path and layout name. Let's take as example the Item Result view, in order to override it assuming you are using the Products application and Default template, the edited _item.zoofilter.php override path would be /media/zoo/applications/products/templates/default/_item.zoofilter.php.

Custom Form Fields

The form fields rendering layouts are stored in modules/mod_zoofilter/tmpl/_elements folder for each group. The layouts can be expanded adding your custom ones using that same folder.