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Custom Module Layouts

Creating custom layouts for ZOOitemPro is strightforward, just duplicate the Default layout file and folder and start adapting those as you needed.


You can place your custom layouts in the Joomla Theme overriding folders.

Custom ZOO Render Layouts

The default render layouts are sometimes not enough, luckily is possible creating custom ones following the ZOO Custom Module Layouts Guide. Notice that the guide references the mod_zooitem module, but the same practice can be done with the pro version changing the paths to mod_zooitempro.


Changes in the renderer folder will be respected during updates.

Custom Elements support

In order to filter by custom elements, those must have specified the ZL Filter group Category, Date, Input, Option or Rating in the manifest declaration:

  1. Open the custom element XML manifest file and localize the <element> tag.
  2. Add the zl_filter_group attribute with the appropriate category value.

The resultant tag should look like <element type="{type}" zl_filter_group="{group}">.