Essentials Settings

Essentials global data and configuration.

Essentials Settings are accessed at Customizer -> Essentials panel where, beside addons configuration, other global data and configuration is displayed. The data is stored independently from the theme in a Database table.

Essentials Settings

Advanced Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Advanced section groups advanced options and settings that might affect the Essentials workflow.

Addons Execution

As each addon is independent from each other, is possible disabling them individually. A disabled addon will be completely skipped from execution and is a good way to debug issues or to keep the global execution as smooth as possible.

GeoIP Database Source

The IP Geolocation database is required to localize the device IP geographically, used for example by the Access IP Geolocation Rule. If required, follow the Geolocation Database Installation.


Being Essentials Settings independent from the Theme, the only way to backup and/or restore is using the dedicated methods within Customizer -> Essentials -> Advanced panel.

Debug Data

If the support team requests it, here is where you can generate and download Debug Data information which includes a copy of the Theme Settings, Essentials Settings, Sources Schema, and the server configuration. As it might include sensitive data, be carefull who you share this with.

Other Sections

Storages Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Storages is the section where Storage Instances are managed.

Auths Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Auths is the section where the OAuths, Keys & Secrets are managed.

Sources Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Sources section is the Sources Addon source instances manager.

Global Queries Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Global Queries section is the Sources Addon global queries manager.

Layout Libraries Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Layout Libraries section is the Layouts Addon libraries manager.

Icons Collections Section

The Customizer -> Essentials -> Icon Collections section is the Icons Addon collections manager.