# F.A.Q.

# Where can I set the list of available languages?

You can do so in Extensions / Languages / Content Languages tab.

# Does it translates Joomla! content?

No, ZOOlingual focus only on ZOO content and it is compatible with 3rd party language managers.

# Is a language switcher module provided?

No, ZOOlingual relies on the Joomla! inbuilt switcher or of a 3rd party language manager one.

# Does it supports category ordering by the translated name?

No, for all languages the items are sorted by the default language.

# Why an Item view is redirected to a Category view when switching language?

It's a limitation of the Joomla! language switcher. A possible solution is using a 3rd party language manager.

# Why when searching Items by name in a specific language it returns results from other languages?

It's a known limitation and currently there is no workaround.

# It is compatible with frontend editing?

It is not, the translations must be done in the backend.