# F.A.Q.

# Why am I not able to publish the Event item?

Most likely because the Item event date has already past and the Unpublish Past Events option is enabled in Events application settings.

# How to change the date format or separator between the date and time?

Access the DatePro assignment position, where the date is being displayed, and adjust the fields Date Format and End Date Format.

# How to display the Event start and end date?

In the DatePro render layout settings choose the _event Sublayout and set the date formats as required.

# How to change the texts from, until and to?

Override the DatePro language constants PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_FROM, PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_UNTIL and PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_TO through the Joomla! Language Manager.

# Why the events are not being found by it date value?

The search does not support items with repeatable dates. If DatePro is set as repeatable and your items have multiple dates, those may not be correctly displayed in the search results.