# Element - RelatedItemsPro

RelatedItemsPro extends with new features the ZOO RelatedItems element. Once the element is set in the Type there are several configuration params that differ from the ZOO ones.


In order to better understand the following read the Integration Section.

# Config

  • Editable: Determines if the element should allow make relations or only show them. Usually combined with Bi-relation feature.
  • Authored by User: Limit the relations list to items authored by current User.
  • Hide Unpublished: Limit the relations list to published items.

# Items

  • Apps: Limit the relations list to items belonging to selected Apps.
  • Types: Limit the relations list to items being of selected Type.
  • Bi-Related Elements: Choose the elements from other Types that will be used for the bi-directional relation.


Bi-relation is a very powerful feature, for example an Event and Venue items could be related to each other by saving only one of them, the other will be related to the first one automatically.

# Layouts

# Default - default

Renders the related items with the following settings.

  • Related Layout: Allows choosing the layout that will be used for rendering the Items.
  • Link to Item: When Related Layout is set to Item Name allows linking the name to the Item full view.
  • Subrelated Element: It allows rendering the relations from the related Items. For example if a Car item is related to Concessionary Item it would allow rendering all the Cars from that Concessionary.
  • Exclude it Self: When rendering subrelations allows excluding the current Item.
  • Order: allows choosing the rendered Items order.

# Widgetkit

Widgetkit layout is an integration layer between the element and Widgetkit (opens new window) allowing to render a Widget using the element data as content. Therefore it is possible to render the related items data set in a Widgetkit widget. For details about configuration options visit the Widgetkit documentation (opens new window).