# Element - RelatedCategoriesPro

RelatedCategoriesPro extends with new features the ZOO Relatedcategories element. Once the element is set in the Type there are several configuration params that differ from the ZOO ones.


In order to better understand the following read the Integration Section.

# Config

  • Multiselect: Allows choosing if the category selection should be limited to one or multiple categories.
  • Relate to Item: Allows choosing if the Selected Categories should be actually related to the Item. This feature is limited to the Categories that are part of the same App the Item is.
  • App: Allows choosing the App which Categories will be displayed as relating options.
  • Root Category: Allows choosing the root category which childs will be displayed as relating options.

# Layouts

# Default

Renders the related categories or those categories items depending on the following settings.

  • Categories Mode
    • Inherit Primary Cat: If enabled the Item Primary category will be auto-added to the selected list.
  • Items Mode
    • Related Layout: Allows choosing the layout that will be used for rendering the Items.
    • Render Current Item: If enabled, the current Item will be rendered as part of the selected list.
    • Order: allows setting the items order.