# Element

The Compare Element is used for several features showing different rendering layouts depending of the position and layout where it is dropped. When placed into any standard ZOO Layout position it will offer an Add to Compare / Remove from Compare button display, while when placed into the Chart Compare layout it will adapt to offer differently displays depending on the position:

When dropped in Row position it will offer row related displays, such as:

Header, will render a Header with an optional Hide/Show childs feature.

  • Title: The Header title.
  • Fold feature: The Fold (child hiding feature) state. Allows starting with childs being hidden/unhidden or disallowing the feature completely.

Main Header, will render a Header with the appropriate Item name on each column.

  • Link to Item: If enabled the Item Name will be linked to the Item full view.
  • Remove button: If enabled a button allowing to remove the Item from the Chart will be rendered.

ZOOcompare element settings on Chart layout - Rows position

When dropped in Toolbar position will offer a Toolbar related displays, such as:

  • Download CSV, displays a Download CSV button for the currently displayed Chart data.
  • Restore Chart, displays a Restore button that will restore the Chart to its initial state (if some Item has been removed for example).
  • Restore Hidden, displays a button that will restore hidden rows.

ZOOcompare element settings on Chart layout - Toolbar position