# Chart

The ZOOcompare Chart it's a responsive Bootstrap based comparison table used to display the Items selected by the User. Each column represent an Item and each row the Item element value which configuration can be set in the Chart / Compare layout under the ZOO Types layouts configuration view. It has two positions:

Rows, in this position you can place any Element which data you would like to be displayed in the Chart rows. Each Element has it's own rendering options, but the one they all share is the If no value, render instead field which allows setting the text to render in case the Item has not any value set for that specific element.

You can place the Compare Element in this position to render special rows such as Main Header and Header or even add custom ones.

Toolbar, in this position you can place only the Compare element which will allow you choosing Toolbar buttons such as Download CSV, Restore Chart and Restore Hidden. Those are rendered in the Bottom of the Chart when using the Default Layout.

ZOOcompare - Configure compare layout