# Getting Started

# Installation

  1. Download the package from the ZOOlanders Site.
  2. In your site go to Joomla! Extension Manager and use the Upload Package File option to upload and install the downloaded package.

If you have issues with the installation try the alternative Install from Directory method. Upload the unzipped package content into the /tmp folder, input the folder path and click on the Install button.

# Translation

You may want to install as well the INI translation files for all the languages your site should support. Similarly as in the previous section, download the required translation packages and install them using the Joomla! Extension Manager.

Alternatively you can upload the files manually into the administrator/language/{LANGUAGE} folder.

# Integration

Any ZOO Type can become a ZOOcart product, choose one and follow this steps.

  • Add the PricePro and ZOOcart elements to the ZOO Type.
  • Assign the Add To Cart (ZOOcart element) to a render position, e.g. in the Full view.
  • Enter the ZOOcart Component admin area and follow the settings guide tips.
  • Finally assign the Cart View to a Menu Item.

Find out more about Extending ZOO Pre-built Item Types in the ZOO documentation.