# WordPress

# Installation

Download the Free or Premium Essentials_YOOthemePro_{version}_wp.zip package from ZOOlanders Downloads (opens new window).

A Premium version will be available only if you have a valid subscription and are logged in.

Follow the official WordPress (opens new window) plugin installation guide and make sure a plugin named Essential Addons for YOOtheme Pro is listed and enabled in the WordPress Plugins control panel, if not, enabled it manually.

WordPress YOOessentials Plugin

The plugin will be installed under the wp-contents/plugins/yooessentials directory.

# Updating

Whenever a new version is available, you will receive a notification in the WordPress Plugins control panel. Within it, you can easily update with a one-click action. For the Premium version, you will have to set your ZOOlanders Download ID.

A ZOOlanders Download ID is an alphanumeric code created in the ZOOlanders Download IDs section (opens new window) that is required to update the Premium version. If you are using the Free version you can skip these steps.

Download ID

Once you have created and copied a Download ID you are ready to set it in your site. Note that you can create as many IDs as necessary.

Don't upload by FTP

Even if technically possible, we strongly discourage this method as update scripts will be omitted, resulting in unexpected outcomes.

WordPress Updates

In the WordPress control panel find the ZOOlanders settings under the Global Settings menu, access it, and paste the Download ID into the field.

WordPress YOOessentials Settings