# Google Sheet

This source is based on a Google Drive Spreadsheet. The spreadsheet must have a header, which means the first line must contain the column names that will be used as the field name during the content mapping. The following lines represent the records.

# Configuration

Before being able to use a Google Spreadsheet as Dynamic Content, a source instance based on it must be created first.

  1. Access Essentials -> Sources section in the YOOtheme Pro Customizer.
  2. Click on the New Source button and choose Google Sheet from the available sources.
  3. Optionally set a name that will be a reference for this source instance.
  4. Choose a spreadsheet and leave the rest as per default or adjust accordingly.
  5. Click the Save button to confirm the source creation.

You can always come back and further adjust the source configuration, after the changes the source instance will be recreated.

# Dynamic Content

Once the source instance is created it will appear as a Dynamic Content (opens new window) option under the group Google Sheet. When selected, query settings will appear.

# Cache

The fetched content is cached by default during 3600 seconds, even though it is possible to disable the cache by setting it to 0 this is an API-driven source and it is not recommended, you should consider using a CSV or Database source instead.

# Fields Mapping

Once the source is created and selected as the Dynamic Content the Sheet columns will become available for mapping (opens new window).

# Routing

At the moment sources don't support routing, meaning that it is not possible to display a view of a single record or paginate the results.