# Database

This source allows you to create content from any local or external Database with support of dynamic filters and ordering.

# Source Configuration

  1. Access the Sources section from the Builder root setting.
  2. Create a new source of a type Database clicking the New Source button.
  3. Fulfill the required settings and save.

# Source Content Mapping

At this point, the source content will be available for mapping to an element.

  1. Choose an element to map, e.g. List Element, and access it Advanced Tab.
  2. Select the source under the Google Sheet group of the Dynamic Content field.
  3. A Filter and Order Configuration will appear, access one of them.
  4. Create a new Filter or Ordering, which would open a new panel.
  5. Choose a field which value should be used during evaluation.
  6. Set a value that the field is expected to resolve to.
  7. Optionally make the value dynamic by accessing the Advanced Tab and choosing a source which contents you will be then able to map.