# My First Source

Let's create the first source which later on can be used to map its contents to an element of your choice.

  1. Create a New Source. Enter the Sources section and create a new one by clicking the New Source button. A modal will popup with a form.
  2. Set Up the Name. Write a name for your new source. This name will be used as a source reference displayed in the Dynamic Content selection list.
  3. Choose the Source. Choose one of the available sources.
  4. Fulfil the Options. Each source has its options, the CSV provider requires to select a locally-stored CSV file.
  5. Save the Source. After pressing Save on the modal the new source will appear listed.
  6. Bind the Source. At this point, the source content will be available for mapping it to an element. Follow the official Yootheme docs (opens new window) for more details about it.