Getting Started

Essentials Integration

Essentials is in essence a plugin and has to be installed like any other Joomla or WordPress plugin.

Follow through the installation, then choose which addons to integrate for your current project. This will allow you to customize your experience and only use the addons that are relevant to your needs. Optionally, set up automatic updates, to ensure that you have always the latest version.


Download the required platform version, then follow the targeted platform installation guide, Joomla or WordPress.

After a successful installation, a plugin named Essentials YOOtheme Pro (a.k.a. yooessentials) should be listed and enabled.

Installation Folder

The plugin will be installed under the plugins/system/yooessentials for Joomla and wp-contents/plugins/yooessentials directory for WordPress.


Automatic Updates

New available versions will be notified in the Joomla Extensions Update or WordPress Plugins control panels. Within it, you can easily update with a one-click action considering that for the Premium version, you will have to set a ZOOlanders Download ID first.

Manual Updates

You can as well update manually by downloading the latest version and installing over. A previous installation will be detected and an update made instead.

Upgrade to v2

Upgrading Essentials v1.x to v2.x should be planned carefully as it's a major version release only compatible with YOOtheme Pro 4.0, which is itself a new major release. Follow these steps in the given order.

  1. Make a full, restorable backup of the site.

  2. In the Joomla backend head over to System > Extensions > Plugins and disable the Essentials plugin. In WordPress head over to Plugins and deactivate the Essentials plugin.

  3. Upgrade YOOtheme Pro to version 4.x.

  4. Upgrade Essentials to version 2.x.

  5. In the Joomla backend head over to System > Extensions > Plugins and enable the Essentials plugin. In WordPress head over to Plugins and activate the Essentials plugin.

Thoroughly clear all caches, and test. If anything goes wrong, restore the backup.

Upgrade to Premium

The upgrade from Essentials Freemium to Premium version is as simple as installing the premium package without uninstalling the freemium one. The upgrade process must be done manually, after that automatic-updates can take over.

Download ID

A ZOOlanders Download ID is an alphanumeric code created in the ZOOlanders Download IDs section that is required to update the Premium version.

Download ID

Once you have created a Download ID you must set it in your site, an action that slightly differs on each platform.

In the Joomla Plugins control panel locate the ZOOlanders Installer Plugin, then input the Download ID into the plugin settings.

In the WordPress Global Settings menu locate the ZOOlanders Settings Panel, then input the Download ID into the panel settings.