# Forms

# Actions

Form actions are an effective way to do any action after a successful submission. Those will run consequently in the order they have been set, allowing as well to run multiple actions of the same type.

# Core Actions

# Email

This action sends a customized email with tags dynamically replaced by the submitted content. Use it to send a Thank You email to the user who submitted the form, an informative email to the site administrator, etc. This action supports Fields Tag Replacament.

Email Form Action

# Save to CSV

This action accumulatively saves the submitted data in a CSV format to a specified file.

Save to CSV Form Action


To save additional data within the submission use the Form Hidden element, it supports static as well as dynamic data in combination with YOOtheme Pro dynamic content.

# Redirect

This action redirects the user to a specified URL.

Redirect Form Action

# Show Message

This action displays a custom message to the user, it supports Fields Tag Replacament.

Redirect Form Action

# Fields Tag Replacement

Field Tags are references to the Form Fields names as tags which would be replaced by the submitted data. For example for a Textarea field with a name comment, it tag equivalent {comment} would be dynamically replaced with the comment submitted by the user. The list of accepted field names can be reviewed on the fly by clicking on the available fields link on the description of the fields supporting this feature.

Form Area Fields List

# Elements

Each form element has its purpose and settings, some are meant to allow input data, others to group them as fieldsets, add a ReCaptcha verification, or submit the form among others.

Form Elements

# Input

Renders a standard HTML Input field with the option to choose it type. Basic validation is automatically applied depending on the chosen type, but further validation can be set.

Input Element

# Textarea

Renders a standard HTML Textarea field with additional validation options.

Textarea Element

# Select

Renders a standard HTML Select field with additional validation options.

Select Element

# Checkbox

Renders a standard HTML Checkbox group of fields with additional validation options.

Checkbox Element

# Radio

Renders a standard HTML Radio group of fields with additional validation options.

Radio Element

# Range

Renders a standard HTML Range field with additional validation options.

Range Element

# Submit

Renders a standard HTML submit button.

Submit Element

# Hidden

Renders a standard HTML Input hidden field. Allows submitting static or dynamically loaded data using Dynamic Content.

Hidden Element

# Fieldset

Renders a standard HTML Fieldset field with the option to render other fields as it children, making it easier to group fields.

Fieldset Element

# Recaptcha

Renders a Google reCAPTCHA field, a free service that protects your site from spam and abuse. It uses advanced risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart. It supports both v2 and v3, which helps you detect abusive traffic on your website without user interaction.

Recaptcha Element

# Configuration Errors

In case there is something wrong with a form configuration the affected Builder Element and the form icon will turn red showing one of the following errors:

  • Not a Form Area: it indicates that Form Fields have been dropped in an area that is not enabled as a Form Area.
  • Duplicated Form Area: it indicates that an element that is part of a Form Area has been enabled to be a Form Area as well, eg. both a section and a row are enabled as Form Areas.
  • Missing Field Names: it indicates that some fields of the Form Area are missing a Name.
  • Duplicated Field Names: it indicates that some fields of the Form Area have the same Name. Field names must be unique.

Form Status Error