# Collections

Icons collections are a set of preset or custom icons under a common topic. A collection might be grouped into subsections. This addon distributes the following collections:

  • FontAwesome (opens new window) - Licensed under GPL

    The most popular and complete icon collection, offering a Free and Pro versions.

  • Ionicons (opens new window) - Licensed under MIT

    Beautifully crafted open source icons built by the Ionic Framework team.

  • Teenyicons (opens new window) - Licensed under Creative Commons

    Designed on a 15x15 grid, Teenyicons easily fit in very small spaces and maintain a crisp look.

  • Zondicons (opens new window) - Licensed under Creative Commons

    A collection of icons with charming yet sophisticated personality designed by Steve Schoger.


The preset collections are a good start, but you can always extend them with your own collections, eg. your FontAwesome Pro collection.