# Custom Collections

Place your icons collection in media/yooessentials/icons/ for Joomla or wp-content/yooessentials/icons for WordPress under a namespaced folder, e.g. my-collection. The collection will be automatically picked up and displayed among the other collections in the icons picker Modal.


You can group the icons into subfolders for a better organization or style separation, eg my-collection/group-a or my-collection/group-b.

You can optionally place a my-collection.json file beside the folder and write the metadata as the next example.

  "title": "My Collection",
  "groups": ["group-a", "group-b"]

# Distribute Collections

If you want to reuse your collections across projects you can wrap them into a custom plugin and specify the path by extending the Icons class.


use ZOOlanders\YOOessentials\Icons;

return [

  'extend' => [

    Icons::class => function (Icons $icons, $app) {