# Configuration

The configuration of any Form Area can be find in the Section or Column element Advanced Tab settings, under the Form field Configuration panel. When a Form Area is enabled an icon is displayed in the Builder element giving a hint about the form configuration.

Form Status

# Errors

In case there is something wrong with a form configuration the Form Area icon will turn red showing one of the following errors:

  • Not a Form Area: indicates that form fields are being used outside a Form Area.
  • Duplicated Form Area: indicates that a row has been enabled as a Form Area while the section he is part of is already a Form Area.
  • Duplicated Field Names: indicates that some fields of the Form Area have the same Name. Field names must be unique.
  • Duplicated Google reCaptcha element: indicates that the Form Area has two or more Google reCaptcha elements while only one is allowed.
  • Google reCaptcha has no keys set: indicates that the Google reCaptcha element is present in the Form Area, but has not secret keys set.

# Fields Tag Replacement

Field Tags are used across the configuration as reference to form fields data. The field name is used as tag which will be replaced by the submitted data during submission. Eg. a Textarea field with a name comment would be referenced as {comment}.

The list of accepted field names can be reviewed on the fly by clicking on the available fields link on the description of the fields supporting this feature.

Form Area Fields List