# Custom Action

Actions are very handy to customize the workflow of a form, add extra validation, append or change data on the fly, or send it to a 3rd party service... is the heart of the submission workflow and you have the wheel. So let's take control and create a custom After Submit Action.

An Action is a Class extending a StandardAction and executed during the after-submission process, let's declare it in a YOOtheme Pro Module, if you are not familiar with those please review YOOtheme Pro Documentation (opens new window) first.


namespace YourNameSpace;

use ZOOlanders\YOOessentials\Form\Actions\StandardAction;
use ZOOlanders\YOOessentials\Form\Http\FormSubmissionResponse;

class MyCustomAction extends StandardAction
    public function __invoke(FormSubmissionResponse $response, callable $next) : FormSubmissionResponse
        // This is the `Form` class. It holds all the form configurations
        $form = $response->submission()->form();

        // This is the user submitted data
        $data = $response->submission()->data();

        // by calling $next() the next action in queue will
        // be exexuted recieving the altered response
        return $next($response->withData([]));

Besides a Class, each Action requires a config.json or config.php file that will declare the name, icon, and fields of the action for its configuration. Here's an example that is very similar to that of an element.json as is based on the same config creation workflow.

    "name": "my-custom-action",
    "title": "My Custom Action",
    "icon": "${url:~root/path/to/icon.svg}",
    "fields": {
        "name": {
            "label": "Action Name",
            "description": "A name to identify this action."
        "foo": {
            "label": "Foo",
            "description": "An example field for you"

Finally, each action must be registered by adding a reference to the Class and Config to the yooessentials-form-actions key of the config.php or bootstrap.php file of a child theme (opens new window) or plugin (opens new window).


require_once __DIR__ . '/MyCustomAction/MyCustomAction.php';

return [

    'yooessentials-form-actions' => [
        MyCustomAction::class => __DIR__ . '/MyCustomAction/config.json'


# Example Actions

The example actions on GitHub (opens new window) demonstrates with more details this workflow, simply download the repository and follow the Getting Started guide.

# Included Actions

Essentials core actions are a useful resource to get started when creating a custom action. They can be found in the modules/form-actions directory of the Essentials Package.