# Actions

Form actions are an effective way to do any action after a successful submission. Those will run consequently in the order they have been set, allowing as well to run multiple actions of the same type.

# Message

This action displays a custom message to the user, it supports Fields Tag Replacament. The message will be displayed in a modal after a successful submission.

Message Form Action

# Redirect

This action redirects the user to a specified URL, with an optional message that will be displayed using the Joomla / Wordpress core message display system.

Redirect Form Action

# Email

This action sends a customized email with tags dynamically replaced by the submitted content. Use it to send a Thank You email to the user who submitted the form, an informative email to the site administrator, etc. This action supports Fields Tag Replacament.

Email Form Action

# Save to CSV

This action accumulatively saves the submitted data in a CSV format to a specified file.

Save to CSV Form Action


To save additional data within the submission use the Form Hidden element, it supports static as well as dynamic data in combination with YOOtheme Pro dynamic content.