# Getting Started

# Introduction

Forms addon extends YOOtheme Pro builder with a form build and submission workflow, allowing for any section or column element to become a submittable Form Area with flexible fields and After Submit Actions.

# First Form

Let's create our first form which later on can be expanded as required.

  1. Set a Form Area. Choose a section or column element which will become a Form Area. In it element Advanced Tab settings, locate the Form field setting and enable it.

  2. Set After Submit Actions. Once the Form Area is enabled a configuration panel will be available for it. Access that panel and add at least one After Submit Action, eg. Message, an action that will show a message in a modal.

  3. Set Form Fields. Get back to the Builder main area and Drag & Drop at least one Input Field and a Submit Button in the Form Area you just set.

  4. Submit the Form! At this point your form should be ready. Input some content and hit the Submit button. If the form was validated a Message Should display. If so, congratulations! Otherwise check the possible Form Configuration Errors.

While any element can be placed inside a Form Area only Form Elements will be processed during a submission.