Source Providers

TikTok Source

Content Source based on TikTok.

The TikTok Source feeds data from TikTok media. Based on the multi-instance source workflow it allows connecting to multiple accounts with different configurations.


The source settings determines the content structure, every time the instance is saved the structure will be regenerated.

TikTok Source Configuration
AccountThe TikTok Account which to authenticate with.

The following settings are common to all source instances.

Source Instance Common Settings
NameTikTokThe name that will identify this source instance.
Default Cache Time3600The default duration in seconds before the cache is renewed, set to 0 to disable caching. This setting can be overriden in each query configuration.

Content Structure

Be cautious, changing certain settings of an instance might affect it content structure and break existing content mappings.


Authentication is based on the OAuth protocol driven by the TikTok OAuth Driver.

TikTok OAuth Driver

Content Queries

For every source instance the following content queries will be made available as Dynamic Content option.

My Videos Query

Fetches videos from the authenticated account and resolves to a list of Video Type.

TikTok Videos Query
Before ThanLimit the results to videos created before the specified date.
Start1The starting point, e.g of a list of 20 videos start from the number 2.
Quantity20The maximum amount of videos to retrieve.
Cache3600The duration in seconds before the cache is invalidated and the query re-executed.

Content Types

The content types define the mapping options for the source content.

Video Type

The Video Type defines the mapping options of a TikTok Video object.

TikTok Video Mapping
IDThe unique identifier of this video.String
TitleThe title of this video, max length 150.StringLimit
DescriptionThe description for this video, max length 150.StringLimit
DurationThe duration of this video in seconds.Int
WidthThe width of this video.Int
HeightThe height of this video.Int
CoverThe path to the locally cached video cover.String
Embed LinkThe embed link of for this video.String
Embed HTMLThe HTML code for embedded video.String
Share URLA shareable link for this video. Note that the website behaves differently on Mobile and Desktop devices.String
Created AtThe time this video was created.StringDate
Total SharesNumber of times this video has been shared.Int
Total LikesNumber of times this video has been liked.Int
Total CommentsNumber of times this video has been commented.Int
Total ViewsNumber of times this video has been viewed.Int