Source Providers

Google Sheet Source

Content Source based on Google Sheet.

The Google Sheet Source feeds data from a Google Sheet spreadsheet. Based on the multi-instance source workflow it allows connecting to multiple accounts with different configurations.


The source settings determines the content structure, every time the instance is saved the structure will be regenerated.

Google Sheet Instance Configuration
AccountThe Google Account which to authenticate with.
SpreadsheetThe spreadsheet which to retrieve the data from.
SheetDefaultThe spreadsheet sheet which data to create the source with.
Start ColumnAThe starting column to restrict the sheet data with.
End ColumnZThe ending column to restrict the sheet data with.

The following settings are common to all source instances.

Source Instance Common Settings
NameGoogle SheetThe name that will identify this source instance.
Default Cache Time3600The default duration in seconds before the cache is renewed, set to 0 to disable caching. This setting can be overriden in each query configuration.

Content Structure

Be cautious, changing certain settings of an instance might affect it content structure and break existing content mappings.


Authentication is based on the OAuth protocol driven by the Google OAuth Driver.

Google OAuth Driver

Content Queries

For every source instance the following content queries will be made available as Dynamic Content option.

Records Query

Fetches records from the spreadsheet and resolves to a dynamically generated list of record type based on the sheet schema.

Google Sheet Records Query
Start1The offset applied to the query.
Quantity20The limit applied to the query.
Cache3600The duration in seconds before the cache is invalidated and the query re-executed.