# Icons

This addon will extend the YOOtheme Pro Builder with new icon libraries like Font Awesome, Ionicons, and Zondicons. The icons will be accessible in the core icons Modal when choosing an icon for any element.

The default icons providers are stored at plugins/system/yooessentials/modules/icons/icons and wp-content/plugins/yooessentials/modules/icons/icons for Joomla and WordPress respectively. And you can set your own items providers at media/yooessentials/icons or wp-content/yooessentials/icons.

Additionally you can place a collection of icons only available for the current theme by placing them at yootheme_{mychildtheme}/myicons. Those will be availble in the Icons Modal under the My Icons tab. We encourage the use of My Icons as those will persist any changes from 3rd party icon providers.


You can always opt to completely disable this features within the Theme Settings::ZOOlanders panel.