# Getting Started

Access (opens new window) addon extends YOOtheme Pro builder elements with rendering conditions that will be evaluated against the logic and configuration set by extendable rules. Let's create our first condition.

  1. In the Customizer Builder add and element to which to apply a restriction.
  2. Access that element Advanced Tab settings.
  3. Locate the Access field and click on the Conditions button to open the conditions panel.
  4. Add one or more rules clicking on the plus sign and fullfill it settings.
  5. If you have set more than one rules you can choose to evaluate those with an AND or OR logic.
  6. At this point the element should render, or not, depending on the rules configuration.


When an element is conditioned a lock icon will be displayed in the Builder giving a hint about it. You can click on it to immediately open the conditions panel.

Now go and explore all the available rules or create your own.