• What does the OpenSSL error mean on the Extensions Manager?
    ZOOlanders Manager establishes a connection with zoolanders.com server using OpenSSL, but the version installed in your server is vulnerable and unsupported. It is highly recommended to update your server OpenSSL extension to the latest version in order to fix this and possible other issues you may come around. Contact your hosting support for further help about it.

  • Elements are not saved on the page, when their amount exceed a limit. It's not accepting many input variables (inputs, selects, radios, and other form fields).
    You must increase the PHP max_input_vars limit in your server to a higher number. For example, max_input_vars = 5000.There is a PHP 5.3.9 patch (suhosin patch) that can make the same effect and has a similar solution. You could try it also, suhosin.post.max_vars = 5000, suhosin.request.max_vars = 5000. After applied check if Joomla is accepting the change in Joomla!->Site->System Information PHP Informaton tab. Search for the max_input_vars values, it should reflect the new one.


  • Is multiple date search supported?
    No, it is not. If you are integrating this element with ZOOfilter or other search engine, you should set the element as not repeatable.


  • Which regions are supported by DownloadPro for Amazon S3 service?
    DownloadPro API for Amazon S3 works for regions that support Signature Version 2


  • Why Widgetkit 1 is not recognizing GoogleMapsPro locations?
    Widgetkit 1 Map Widget will not recognize GoogleMapsPro values, as a solution download and install the ZL Widget Plugin available in the GoogleMapsPro downloads. Once installed and enabled create a new ZL Map widget and use it instead. Notice that this is not necessary if you are using Widgetkit 2.
  • Why I receive an error "Geocode was not successful for the following reason: REQUEST_DENIED"?
    Activate Google Maps Static API and Google Maps Geocoding API in the Google developer console.


  • Does ZOOcart generate Invoices?
    No, that's not store scope but 3rd party integrations will be developed in the future. Alternatively, and in some countries, the Order print version is a valid document which the user can access under the Print button in the Orders view.

  • Where can I find ZOOcart Admin Panel?
    In ZOOlanders component Nav Menu, make sure ZOOcart plugin is enabled.

  • Is it possible to specify the gross price instead of the net price, so that ZOOcart calculates net prices automatically?
    Currently you can specify only the net price. Option "Show price and fees with tax" allows to display the item price with tax (gross price) or price without tax (net price). Feature "Save price with included taxes" is planned for one of ZOOcart future releases (no planned date).

  • How to change some text on ZOOcart layouts?
    All ZOOcart text constants are available in the plugin translation file. The default file is in /administrator/language/en-GB/en-GB.plg_system_zoocart.ini where you can find any text and constant to be translated. To translate the language constant use Joomla! Language Manager in Overrides section to avoid overwriting text during extension update.

  • How to add a new payment plugin?
    You can take as an example the exist payment plugin in the /plugins/zoocart_payment folder. The main plugin file should be inherited from the JPaymentDriver abstract class. There are several main functions to be overridden in the new plugin: getPaymentFee() - calculating the fee for using the payment system, getRenderData() - set the variables for template, callback() - method to make a payment. To make a payment you should review the payment system API. The payment views should be in the tmpl folder inside the plugin: default.php layout is used to render the form, message.php is shown after making a successful payment.

  • Why shipping rates is not assigning automatically?
    Ensure that all conditions of shipping rate are true for current order.

  • How can a Subscribtion be renewed from the frontend?
    On the Subscriptions page, the Renew button is available, after a Subscription is ended (if this product still exists). After clicking on the Renew button the product will be added to the Cart and the user redirected to the Checkout.

  • Is ZOOcart compatible with Widgetkit widgets
    Variation element is not compatible with Widgetkit2 widgets while the rest it is depending on the Widget and its position.


  • Is possible to upgrade from ZOOcompare 2 to 3?
    Due to the big changes made in ZOOcompare 3 the upgrade process is not possible, instead a clean installation must be performed uninstalling any previous version. The comparison settings will be lost during this process, be sure to back up your data before proceeding.


  • Is cross App/Type searching supported?
    No, the current version of ZOOfilter can only perform a search on one App and Type at the same time. It is possible however to display several Modules with different configurations in the same page.

  • Is one field search supported?
    No, the current version of ZOOfilter can only filter the Items by their elements values individually. Making a global search is planned for future revisions.

  • Where the ordering of items on the results page can be changed?
    ZOOfilter uses the application default ordering, that you can setup in the application settings: Config tab / Configuration(Global) / Item Order. Please note that it will affect the ordering of items in the application as well. After the ZOOfilter result is shown, it is possible to use the ordering that is setup in ZOOfilter Ordring layout.

  • How to search by RelatedCategoriesPro element?
    RelatedCategoriesPro element is not compatible with ZOOfilter. Instead the standard Category element could be used if the option "Relate to Item" is enabled in the RelatedCategoriesPro element settings.

  • How to make horizontal search form?
    It is possible to set the "Form Columns" option in the ZOOfilter module settings (only when the "Search form style" and "Module Layout" is set to UIkit). To make the form horizontal set the value of the columns equal to the elements count.

  • How to enable UIkit layouts?
    Set the "Page Layout" as search_UIkit layout, "Result Layout" and "Module Layout" as UIkit in the ZOOfilter module settings. To use UIkit layout for search form as well set "Search form style" as UIkit


  • Does ZOOlingual translates Joomla! content?
    No, ZOOlingual focus only on ZOO content and relies on Joomla! or 3rd party language managers for the the general Joomla! content translation.

  • Where is the language swit—Āher?
    There is none provided by ZOOlingual, instead you must set the Joomla! or 3rd party one.

  • Why an Item view is redirected to a Category view when switching language?
    Joomla! language switcher has this limitation, a possible solution is using a 3rd party language manager.

  • Where can I set the list of languages available in ZOOlingual?
    All content languages, that are set in Joomla / Extensions / Language Manager / Content tab, will be available in ZOOlingual section in the element configuration.

  • Does the plugin support MariaDB database?
    No, it's not supported.

  • Does ZOOlingual support category ordering by the translated name? No, it is a limitation. For all languages the items are sorted by the default language.

  • Why when searching Items by name in a specific language it returns results from other languages? It's a known limitation and currently there is no a workaround.

ZOOitem Pro

  • How to filter items based on DatePro element?
    Currently only single, not repeatable, dates are supported.


  • Why am I not able to publish the Event item?
    Most likely because the Item event date has already past and the Unpublish Past Events option is enabled in Events application settings.

  • How to change the date format or separator between the date and time?
    Access the DatePro assignment position, where the date is being displayed, and adjust the fields Date Format and End Date Format.

  • How to display the Event start and end date?
    In the DatePro render layout settings choose the _event Sublayout and set the date formats as required.

  • How to change the texts "from", "until" and "to"?
    Override the DatePro language constants PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_FROM, PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_UNTIL and PLG_ZLELEMENTS_DP_TO through the Joomla! Language Manager.


  • Where are the rendering layouts?
    Widgetkit2 integration has no rendering layouts being only the content passed to the Widget which will take care of the rendering using its core layouts. It is possible though to customize the Widgets.
  • Why the elements rendering settings are not applied?
    It depends on the position, but the general rule is that the elements are not rendered but mapped to Widget fields. For example, when placing a GoogleMaps in the location position you would be mapping its location to Widget location field leaving the rendering to Widget. The same goes for other elements. There are some positions though, as content, where you do can render the element and the resulting text would be passed to the Widget.